What’s your time worth?

Netflix CEO once claimed his largest competitor was the human need for sleep.

I think there is an interesting conclusion that one can derive from this in many aspects of Life. We humans can often underestimate the value of time. Both the developers and marketing engines that create things that consume our time and command more or it aggressively. Then, more importantly our own recognition of the value of our time.

Think grocery couponing for a moment. Can you save enough money to justify the time it takes? What is an hour, or even 10 minutes of your time away from other aspects of life worth? How much do you make at work in an hour. How much do you really believe your worth? Are you paying yourself that much in the time you spend to save money?

What about your use of technology? Do you value the time that is inadvertently wasted with it? Sure, those notification email blasts are nice, and could offer benefits otherwise inaccessible. But, are those benefits as valuable as your time.

I suggest if they are not, UnSubscribe. You InBox is being overtaken with messages that are intentional intended to consume your time, and steal you away from interaction with others, purely for their selfish profitability. They don’t want to give you anything. They want more of you for themselves.

Take your time back. UnSubscribe ALL!