About Us

The Team:

Jeffrey Smith, Founder

25 year Information Technology veteran Jeff Smith is currently an IT director in Education.  He enjoys sharing his expertise as a technology solutions consultant for several friends, businesses, and business partners he has established over the years.  Additionally, Jeff is a Motorsports entrepreneur, a Boy Scout volunteer, a little league baseball coach, a passionate church volunteer, a boater, and an avid camper.  Once a Microsoft server systems support engineer, a corporate enterprise IT engineer, and also an electronics technician in the US Navy, Jeff has enjoyed a rewarding career and encountered enormous opportunities to grow in the information technology industry.  He is a recognized expert in technology solution design, application architecture, and business leadership. He also enjoys restoring cars, motorcycles, equipment, and many other things.   He prides himself on implementing seamless solutions that will scale to his clients potential.  Under his leadership, your goals are achievable.

Corey Bailey, Partner

Fortune 500 company expert developer for 20 years. Currently the acting software quality director for a conglomerate organization. With a breadth of software expertise, he can bridge your application challenges.

Don Smith, Partner

Began his IT career with IBM in 1965. Prior to recently retiring from full time work, he served as a CNC systems engineer for 20 years. Don has been working around the Atlantic region for close to 50 years. He has the experience with business climate and culture to understand where you have been, and where you want to go.


Our growing team of rising talent are our cornerstones. They bring new ideas, challenge the existing, and advocate for our clients. Our team consists of only the most ambition, and driven individuals. As a result, we proudly help them advance in their careers, no matter where that is leading them.

Network of Contributors

Additionally, we have a network of business professionals around the nation that contribute to our business to meet your needs. We are also partnered with several other IT service providers.