When 10GB is within reach….

It’s 2015. You’ve expanded your network. You built out Gigabit Ethernet to every desktop years ago. You deployed an enterprise wireless footprint. Somehow, the consumerization of IT still raced past you. You serve twice as many devices, and over half of them are wireless. Each work area, in addition to the desktop you provided, now has at least a smart phone and a tablet for each user. Those Gigabit ports that used to be exclusive to a single user, are now an Access Point bottleneck. No one understands why it feels slower. You’ve considered the next generation technology, but it’s too soon. Will it back haul?

10GB is within reach. The equipment costs are reasonable, and the implementation is point and click. What about the backbone? Good news!! That old Fiber Optics you inherited, that are 6′ under the ground interconnecting the far corners of your enterprise was beyond it’s years. Sure, many will tell you it’s better to replace it. And it probably is, for the next decade. But what if, just what if you could save up a few more years of capital first. Replacing the fiber alone won’t achieve the results. Today’s SR and LR Transceivers, depending on the cable length, can work with that 62.5um FDDI fiber optics; bridging the gap until you can make that investment for the next 10 years.

It’s light, not light years.