The personal Home Cloud

Recently I was asked by a family member if I would transfer data from an older computer, to their new laptop. For the first time this seemed strange to me. With the array of storage solutions in the market today how much data are we keeping on our personal computers.
I realize there were risks with portable disk drive solutions, but with the low cost of RAID NAS devices, the redundancy should preserve those fears. With our connectivity dependencies, and the cloud like software services in todays NAS devices, how far are we to this technology being a constant, like a smartphone?

Sure, public cloud solutions are robust, large, and largely platform independent. They also have more integration options, but we’ll always be limited by performance where we are online the most in our personal computing, home.

Sync you say? The reality of replication, is it often exceeds storage availability in our smartphones and tablets. I’ve had less that stellar success segregating the data I sync to each device purposefully. Music on my phone, photos on the tablet, web & PhotoShop files on my laptop.

What if the NAS was the primary target, it replicated with the public cloud, and every device supported on demand sync, to the NAS or public cloud, with granular replication options. Can this be done?

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