Building Access

Have you been wrestling with the idea or need for door access control systems? Wondering what you should do? Seen some pretty fancy camera phones, but wish you had bigger eyes and ears on the front of your buildings? Explore a full-time surveillance camera system with network video recorder (NVR) and a VideoWall in you reception area. Couple that with a compatible telephone call box, and be in control.

I’ve enjoyed the licensing model, feature set, and abilities of the Panasonic Video Insight NVR and MonitorCast building access controls.

With four reception station, and five doors, setting up PBX hunt groups to telephone system integrated Viking Call boxes eases the distribution of visitor volume. Leveraging 43” TV’s to micro PC computers with Video Insight Video Wall every office maintains constant eyes in the entrances and the interior lobbies ensuring constant monitoring from every reception office of all entry areas. It works well, and surpasses the limitations of the dedicated door phones.

Build sound solutions for human interaction, avoid creating labor constraints that hit your bottom line harder when you really evaluate it.